The European Cup Women B will take place in Dupnitsa from the 19th till the 24th of August. The local club Angels is hosting the event. The bid was won earlier this year on the Softball Europe annual congress and the preparations are running since then.

9 teams will participate in the tournament including 2 Bulgarian ones – Akademiks Sofia, as Champions of Bulgaria for 2018 and Angels Dupnitsa as organizers.

Here is the full team list:

  1. Princ Zagreb
  2. Hørsholm
  3. The Mix
  4. Atletico San Sebastian
  5. Gepardy Zory
  6. Skövde Saints
  7. Beit Shemes
  8. Akademiks Sofia
  9. Angels Dupnitsa

The tournament will be played on the fields of Levski complex, Bistrica district.

Games schedule: